Jag har fått skäll från diverse vänsterfolk för att på denna blogg kalla Venezuelas president Hugo Chavez och hans regim för en diktator och diktatur in spe. Jag har missförstått honom, har det hetat. Nåväl, nu är det strax dags för bokslut i denna delikata fråga. Chavez justitieminister har nämligen föreslagit att yttrandefriheten i landet bör begränsas:

The new law would punish the owners of radio stations, television channels and newspapers that have attempted to "cause panic" and "disturb social peace," Attorney General Luisa Ortega said. It also would punish media owners who "manipulate the news with the purpose of transmitting a false perception of the facts." "Freedom of expression must be limited," Ortega said.
Tillägg 1/8: Första offren för denna "demokratisering" är, enligt Dagens Nyheter, 34 st radiostationer...
Tillägg II 1/8: Diktaturiseringen av Venezuela verkar nu genomföras i ljusets hastighet...

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  1. The Venezuelan Minister of Communication and information, Blanca Eekhout, affirmed that the measures taken by the national telecommunications commission Conatel with regards to the 34 radio stations answer to the intention of the Venezuelan Government to rescue the freedom of speech so that it an be kept by the people instead by the owners of the private media outlets.

    Therefore, the Minister supported Conatel's decision and she expressed that it was necessary because the national mass media have always acted according to their self-interests and economic interests.

    Moreover, she recalled the actuation of the newspapers, television and radio stations during the events on February 1987, where they “criminalized the protests of the people and took the side of the oppressors and supported the massacre against the collectivity.”

    Also, she affirmed that the constant attacks of the different media outlets and opposition sectors to the measures taken by Conatel owes to the fact that the different “oligarchic groups” want to maintain the old model of “monopolies and giving the nation to foreign protests.”

    In such model, in accordance with the Information Minister, there was an scheme in which imposed the media power and the economic power in order to avoid the appearance of any kind of competence would awake the conscience of the people.

    About the matter, she expressed that before this revolutionary process, the media outlets “held sway over” the independent national producers, so that they could not take part on the radio electrical spectrum.

    Eekhout expressed as well that the entrepreneurs of the media outlets have unleashed a national and international campaign that expects to patent a campaign of opinion that relate the Venezuelan Government with subversive, terrorist or drug dealing groups, and this way halt the progresses achieved in matters of regional integration.

    On the other hand, the Minister affirmed that the future of the mass communication is in hands of the communitarian media outlets, who shall train the collectivity with regards to the use of the media. This expects to “demystify” the television and radio stations so that people can discern the contents they receive through the radio electrical spectrum.

    Likewise, she called to “review the habits of the TV audience” so that they can be more critics and avoid that children are exposed to antivalues and the “deculturation” that the different television stations have subjugated along the years.

  2. Till Marc: "...to rescue the freedom of speech so that it an be kept by the people instead by the owners of the private media outlets."

    Ett skämt värt Stefan & Christer i deras sämsta dagar...

  3. alla som gjort motstånd mot usa i den regionen har smuttskastats och mördats(utom Fidel ) så ........
    Så en som inte bara har läst historien utan kommit ihåg och dragit vissa slutsattser....
    Det finns ingen mjuk väg ut ur usa hegemoni...
    Bara ngr tankar inget defenetivt om Chaves ifråga.