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NWT plockade i går på ledarplats upp och hänvisade till min och Fredrik Segerfeldts artikel om hur S och MP skulle kunna neutralisera SD i riksdagen...

Tillägg: Artikelidén tog form onsdag e.m. när det tillfälligt såg ut att bli 174 mandat för Alliansen mot 175 för oppositionen, därav iden om en "Plus 1-policy". Slutresultatet blev sedan 173 mot 176, vilket gör att det skulle krävas två nedlagda röster vardera av S och MP -- och jag missade helt enkelt att ändra i texten. Men principen förblir ju den samma...

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  1. Anders ... both your article and the leader in NWT are very good.

    NWT is spot on when questioning whether SD really is a party on the right. I agree with SD that Swedish immigration policy has gone astray and needs to be reworked. That is neither left nor right. I think a majority of voters feel the same. Swedes are in general not xenophobic.

    The conundrum for sossarna must now be whether to use SD to try to tar Alliansen (seems like their first instinct), or alternatively as part of parliamentary strategy to restrict the winning policies of the past few years.

    They are in a terribly difficult position. Chances are that they will fumble. Let them do that, and then let the voters decide. Their internal struggles will play out over the next several years. It will be interesting to watch. The parade of pontificating eminences grises at the end of their election campaign was fascinating to watch!

    Fredrik Reinfeldt seems to be handling the situation very well: "If you try to clean up a mess, you may get shit on your face!". Stay away, ignore, move on. Things will resolve themselves over time. Have a beer, spend Xmas in Spain, do some skiing. Nothing much will happen for quite a while.

    Celebrate the fact that Sweden has turned the page. It is a new beginning. It is morning in Sweden!

    SD's success is largely a result of the appalling undemocratic treatment they received from much of the media and all of the political parties. Engage, address the issues and move on! The time of the high priests of political correctness is over.

    At least this is the way it looks from this side of the Atlantic!

    (Sorry, no Swedish keyboard today.)

  2. Till Thomas: No worries, both Swedish and English works on this site... And yes, the next two to three years will be decevice -- and the Left will probably fumble, many many times...

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