Här är en debattartikel i en amerikansk tidning rörande Obamacare:
The states should make every possible effort to delay, nullify and push back Obamacare. Join the lawsuits challenging its constitutionality. Apply for waivers. File lawsuits when denied. Delay and even refuse to implement the new budget-breaking Medicaid requirements. Presidential candidates should make it unambiguously clear that a vote for Mr. Obama is a vote for Obamacare, but a vote for them is a vote for repeal. And every patriot should be certain that his federal and state representatives know our expectations are for us in the fight.
Åh, ja, just det... Glömde nästan nämna att författaren är kusin med en viss Barack, som numera har nå't slags fyraårigt projektarbete i centrala Washington... ;-D

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